ADAPTable Products: Adaptive Gym Products for Amputees and Neuromuscular Challenges





Our Advisors

Anne Burleigh Anne Burleigh Jacobs, PT, PhD
Doctorate degree in NeuroScience and Physiology; 25 years experience in the clinical practice of neurological rehabilitation, teaching and research. Co-Founder of Peninsula Stroke Association.
Jackie Huen Jackie Huen, MS
President of Jadebird in telecommunications, 15 years at AMPEX in engineering, robotics; super motivated stroke thriver.
Don Scheiman Don Scheiman, founder of Scheiman Rebuild Fitness, Inc.
Adaptive Fitness Technician, clinical exercise specialist, personal fitness trainer with American Council on Exercise, brilliant out of the box thinker.

Board Advisors

Jayant Lakshmikanthan Jayant Lakshmikanthan
MBA Chicago Booth School of Business; Executive at GE Healthcare, McKinsey, and Novartis
Marco Quarta Marco Quarta
Neuroscience and Physiology PhD; VA - Palo Alto Research Scientist; Stanford University - Dept. of Neurology and Neurological Sciences, Post-Doc; President WetWareConcepts S.r.l. BioSensors, Italy
Sophia Chernikova Sophia Chernikova
PhD in Cell and Molecular Radiation Biology; MS in Applied Mathematics and Physics; Research Scientist, Stanford, Dept of Radiation Oncology



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